Efficient Registration Process

The HMS team provides comprehensive yacht registration services in the Cayman Islands, offering personalized service and guidance for owners to ensure the reliable and cost-effective registration of their vessels. We work closely with owners, lawyers, management companies and intermediaries worldwide to provide assistance with all aspects of the registration, including paperwork, fees, and any other required documents. With our expertise, you can expect a smooth registration process and timely results.


Expert Local Representation 

Navigating the regulatory environment around yacht registration in the Cayman Islands can be tricky, but we've got you covered. A key requirement for yachts and vessels registered in the Cayman Islands is the appointment of a Cayman representative person.  The representative person provides a local link between an owner and the Shipping Registry where the owner is not a resident or a company incorporated in the Cayman Islands. HMS is located in Grand Cayman and provides representative person services for pleasure yachts and commercial vessels.


Tailored Support 

Every yacht registration is unique, and we understand that. That's why we offer personalized support and advice throughout the process, so you can rest assured that everything is being handled with care and attention to detail. HMS can help you obtain the official number, MMSI number and radio callsign, as well as assist with the application and annual renewal of a radio station licence for your yacht. Our full range of support services includes reserving names, obtaining transcripts, registering under construction, changing registration type, chartering, transfer of ownership, mortgage registration, bareboat chartering, purchases and sales.


Essential Ownership Guidance

Owning a yacht can be quite a significant investment, and there are several options available when it comes to yacht ownership in the Cayman Islands. We work closely with our clients to determine the best ownership option for them and provide ongoing support to ensure our clients' needs and preferences are met.  Ownership can be in the name of an individual, joint individuals, a Cayman company, an international company or shipping entity. HMS is familiar with corporate structures worldwide and can assist with incorporating local companies if required. The HMS team will always go the extra mile to guide you every step of the way to find the most suitable and convenient ownership structure for your yacht.

Comprehensive Documentation Services 

We assist with a wide range of documentation needs to provide a stress-free and timely service. We understand that time is money, especially when a yacht is pending registration. Our close working relationship with the Cayman Registry, enables registrations to be turned around within 24 hours of receipt of all required documentation and facilitates swift responses to enquiries. We routinely advise clients on the drafting of documents, completion of forms and provider notarisation, certification and apostille services. HMS focuses on dotting the "I"s, crossing the "T"s, handling the small details and keeping on top of the paper trail to ensure everything is processed smoothly and efficiently.