Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands are a British Overseas Territory, encompassing 3 islands in the western Caribbean Sea; Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman. Each island offers a port of registry; George Town, The Creek and Bloody Bay. The Cayman Islands are an efficient tax-neutral jurisdiction providing excellent legal resources along with robust regulatory support and political stability. In 1903 the first vessel, the "El Paso", was registered in Cayman and in 2023 the Shipping Registry celebrated its 120th anniversary. Today, Cayman is the number one offshore register for superyachts, with an estimated 15% of the world fleet of yachts over 30m.


Flagging in Cayman 

Choose your Flag State wisely and take advantage of registering in the Cayman Islands. The jurisdiction is well respected worldwide and has excellent relations with the USA, UK and the EU. Our modern maritime legislation offers a range of different registration types and a creditor friendly ship mortgage regime to ensure that Cayman's reputation is attractive to insurers and lenders. The country's tax neutral status reduces burdens of ownership and operation with no tax for personnel on board a vessel and no restrictions on crew nationality. Focused on customer service, our registry is represented in 15 locations globally and provides 24/7 support.

Red Ensign Group

The Red Ensign is a group of British Ship Registries that is divided into two categories. The Cayman Islands Shipping Registry is a division of the Maritime Authority of the Cayman Islands and, as a Category 1 group member, is entitled to fly the red ensign flag and come under the protection of the British Royal Navy. As one of the top flags worldwide, Cayman flagged vessels benefit from the red ensign white-listed status at all major world ports, participation in the IMO, fewer inspections and British consular network support.